A visit to The Well House

February 20, 2018

At Extended Family we are always learning about other non-profits and how they make the world a better place. The Well House is one of those non-profits.

Laure Clemons, Extended Family Executive Director, recently met with The Well House Executive Director Carolyn Potter, and learned more about their important work.

The WellHouse seeks to rescue and provide opportunities for restoration to victims of human trafficking who have been sexually exploited while also educating the public on the exploitation of the vulnerable, all through the power and principles of the Christian faith.

They have a campus in Alabama devoted to their mission. Women living at The Well House are provided with a variety of resources for their restoration and healing. One of these is the “art therapy” of making jewelry, which is then sold by The Well House.

“I love my beaded necklace and bracelet from The Well House,” said Clemons. “Every time I wear them I remember the brave women who are putting their lives back together at The Well House. We are grateful that this organization exists right here in our state to assist victims of human trafficking.”

To learn more, or to purchase your own handmade jewelry, visit The Well House web site.