DeKalb County school counselors attend EFK Training

September 4, 2018

On Aug. 23, DeKalb County, Alabama school counselors attended an Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshop in Rainsville, AL. By the end of the day, 23 professionals had received all the training they needed to start Extended Family for Kids programs in their schools. Dekalb County Youth Services sent one of their personnel to become a trained EFK Program Leader as well!

"Due to a Stringfellow Health Fund Grant through the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama, we were able to offer this Training to DeKalb County Schools" said Laure Clemons, Executive Director, Extended Family. "Superintendent Dr. Jason Barnett welcomed the Training and with the help of School Improvement Supervisor Kim Maness we were able to train school counselors from around the County."

Ms. Maness wrote to us after the Training. "I think the training was very beneficial for our counselors. Thank you for including DeKalb County in  your grant. You and your staff did an outstanding job!," Maness wrote.

During the one day Training, Clemons led counselors through all nine lessons of Extended Family for Kids. Counselors also brainstormed ways to identify students in their schools who had a loved one incarcerated, and learned best practices for obtaining guardian permissions.

"The counselors and Otis Washington with Dekalb Youth Services were involved and energetic all day," Clemons said. "They jumped right into the EFK lesson activities, making for a really fun time."

On Training Feedback Forms, Counselors wrote what stood out for them in the EFK Training.

Counselor Feedback: "What stood out for you?"

  • “How healing the words ‘It's Not Your Fault’ can be
  • “The lives and how they have been changed. It is just an awesome program!”
  • “The pictures and comments from the kids that have already been in this program. That proves it really works!!”
  •  “I appreciate the enthusiasm with which this program is incorporated. I'm sure it has made a difference in many lives.”
  • “The compassion of the presenter and the workers”
  • “The ability to make a real difference in the lives of these kids.”
  • “I want to implement this in some capacity but there are challenges unique to Tech School. But I intend to try & find a way.”
  • “The Emotional Continuum is something I can use in my own life.”
  •  “As a foster parent this training is something I can use at home with the kids that come in my home that have family in jail.”
  • “The need for a program like this for kids of the incarcerated parents, who often get overlooked.”
  • “The activities seemed like they would be very memorable for students.”
  • “My husband is an Alabama State Trooper so I really likes the COPS section!!”
  • “The curriculum was great & well thought out and adaptable. Great food and in was fun.”
  •  “I was very surprised that there are not more programs which assist children with family in prison.”
To learn more about Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshops, contact Cyndi Johnson at 256-927-3038,