EFK Leader Training in Oxford, AL

July 7, 2019

On June 17, 2019, school and private practice counselors from across Calhoun County, Alabama attended an Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshop in Oxford, AL. By the end of the day, 20 professionals had received all the training they needed to start Extended Family for Kids programs in their schools and professional areas. 

“Due to a Stringfellow Health Fund Grant through the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama, we were able to offer this Training to counselors throughout Calhoun County,” said Laure Clemons, Executive Director, Extended Family. ““We were excited to have such a wide range of educators at this Training, including principals, school counselors, private practice counselors, and several who worked specifically with at-risk youth.” 

Educational and counseling professionals attended the EFK Leader Training from:
•    Alabama Clinical Schools
•    Anniston City Schools
•    Anniston High School
•    Anniston Middle School
•    Cheaha Counseling & Consulting, LLC
•    Coldwater Elementary School
•    Coosa Valley Youth Services
•    C. E. Hanna Elementary School
•    Jacksonville High School
•    Oxford City Schools
•    Oxford Elementary School
•    Oxford High School
•    Oxford Middle School

During the one day Training, Clemons led counselors through all nine lessons of Extended Family for Kids. Counselors also brainstormed ways to identify students in their schools who had a loved one incarcerated, and learned best practices for obtaining guardian permissions.

Fred Smith, Stringfellow Health Fund Administrator, also stopped by the EFK Leader Training Workshop.

“As an extra bonus to our day, Fred Smith popped in to see first-hand the grant funds at work,” Clemons said. “Counselors appreciated the chance to thank Fred for the Training opportunity.”

Counselors wrote what stood out for them in the EFK Training.

  • The importance of reaching out to students who have loved ones incarcerated. This was awesome! Thank you for creating this program!
  • Very detailed training- loved that each lesson was discussed. The training made the program very practical and applicable. I can't wait to start a group/groups at my school to help our students!
  • The lessons are ready & all materials are prepared. Appreciate your genuineness & you doing this for so many.
  • The curriculum is solid and engaging. As a school principal, I am looking forward to having a group of my own. Thank You. Great Presenter!
  • The one thing that stood out for me is how the lessons are geared towards focusing on the kids to realize the "It's Not Their Fault" that their loved one is incarcerated. I enjoyed the interaction with the presenter
  • Easy to follow lessons for all ages. Great job! God Bless
  • It is simple, easy and meaningful. Had a student this year I didn't know how to help. Glad I now have a plan to use.
  • Every lesson was easy to follow & ready to use. Looking forward to seeing adaptions for K-1st students.
  • Visual aids are great to help kids. I like the all the lessons! Great information! This is truly needed throughout the communities in Alabama.
  • How difficult this must be for students. Thank You! This was a great opportunity for Oxford staff, admin & our county partners! Thank You!
  • All of the activities were very helpful. Mrs. Clemons is very passionate about this program. I was blessed
  • Positive outcomes -need-
  • Informing kids that " It Is Not Their Fault". Very good & helpful workshop; great presentation
  • It was very interactive and informative. I loved the personal stories. Thank you for everything you do!
  • The simplicity and effectiveness of the lessons. Excellent workshop, your personal stories were an excellent addition.
  • (Taking a negative and making it into a positive) Laure’s family journey is inspirational. Thank You
To learn more about Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshops, contact Cyndi Johnson at 256-927-3038, cyndi@extendedfamilyhelp.org