Extended Family Annual Celebration includes Leadership Training

October 9, 2019

This year’s Extended Family Celebration will include free Leadership Training, a dinner, and updates on the Extended Family for Kids programs in Cherokee County.  

Extended Family’s 16th Annual Celebration of Life will be held Nov. 2, 6 – 8 p.m, CST, in the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room, 801 Cedar Bluff Road, in Centre. The Celebration includes a complimentary dinner and a Leadership Training Keynote by Jennifer Ridgeway, PPG Aerospace Business Solutions Manager.

“We are focusing this year on leadership, and how we can all be better leaders, no matter who we lead,” said Laure Clemons, Extended Family Executive Director. “Whether you are the head of your home or the head of a corporation, you will enjoy learning from Jennifer Ridgeway.”

Ridgeway will lead Mindset and Fear Training, and explain how this training can have a permanent, life-changing impact.

“Mindset Training focuses on how mindset can have a major impact on development, growth, learning, facing change and achieving goals,” Ridgeway said. “Also, fear is one of the biggest enemies that we have when it comes to having a growth mindset, to learning new things, and growing. We can’t just say ‘get over it’ or ‘relax’ and expect fear to go away. So we will learn how to recognize and understand ‘lizard brain’, as well as new ways to think and talk about fear.”

Jennifer Ridgeway is a trained Marine Air Ground Task Force “War” Planner, has been a Contracts Manager for the US government with Defense Finance and Accounting Services, and worked with government contractors including Rolls Royce Corporation, and Lockheed Martin CDL Systems. Jennifer received her Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University, and will graduate from the University of Alabama in May 2020 with her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She grew up in Dogtown, and attended Fort Payne High School before joining the Marines. Jennifer, her husband Scott and son Will, live in Fyffe. Their daughter and son, Halle and Carter, live in Centre and attend Cherokee County High School. They have a son, Noah Wylie, who is serving in the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Beaufort, South Carolina.  

Extended Family started in Centre in November 2001. In 2007, Clemons created the Extended Family for Kids curriculum, which has been distributed in 18 states. Since 2014, Extended Family for Kids programs have been in every school in Cherokee County.

“The issue of incarceration impacts so many areas of our society today,” Clemons said. “This is not just a prison issue anymore. There are children and families impacted, and we can give those families tools to be successful on the outside while their loved ones are being rehabilitated on the inside. That is what Extended Family is all about – providing tools for adults and children to use to make better choices and lead positive, healthy, joyful lives, regardless of their circumstances.”

To RSVP for the Extended Family Annual Celebration call 256-927-3038 or e-mail Cyndi@extendedfamilyhelp.org. To learn more about Extended Family visit www.extendedfamilyhelp.org.