Extended Family for Kids Returns

January 31, 2019

Extended Family for Kids programs return to Cherokee County, Ala. schools beginning Feb. 12, 2019.This free program for children with loved ones incarcerated is offered in every school for grades K-12. To enroll a student contact the school counselor.

Laure Clemons created Extended Family for Kids in 2007.  

“In Extended Family for Kids, children learn how to reduce stress, deal with anger, and make good choices today and in the future,” Clemons said. “We focus on the child, not the incarcerated person! That focus is what has made Extended Family for Kids so successful.”
According to an independent impact study, the Extended Family for Kids program can help students increase their academic levels and reduce disciplinary referrals. But Clemons likes to focus on the results that you can’t put on a chart.
“After personally leading hundreds of students through Extended Family for Kids in Georgia and Alabama, I have seen what this program can do,” Clemons said. “I’ve watched kids let go of their guilt and shame. They interact with others, and have a lot of fun learning experiences along the way.”
Since 2017, Angela Nichols has been our second EFK Program Leader, to accomodate the growing number of students in Cherokee EFK Groups.

To enroll in Extended Family for Kids, talk to your school counselor, or contact Cyndi Johnson, Extended Family Administrative Assistant, 256-927-3038, or cyndi@extendedfamilyhelp.org.