Extended Family joins FUMC for Back-to-School Bash

August 2, 2017

Going to back to school is a big deal for any child. For children of the incarcerated it can be even harder, especially if the family is struggling to buy a basic backpack.

On July 29, students in Cherokee County were able to participate in Centre First United Methodist Church’s Annual “Back-to-School Bash”. The church provides everything from backpacks to haircuts – all free! This year Extended Family for Kids was invited to be a part of the Bash.

“Cyndi Johnson and I worked an Extended Family for Kids table, and we met some wonderful families,” reported Laure Clemons, Extended Family Executive Director. “Not every family at the Bash was dealing with incarceration. But those that were enjoyed talking with us bout Extended Family for Kids.”

Parents, guardians and their children were able to hear first-hand about the benefits of Extended Family for Kids. Many signed their student up to join the groups forming in September.

“We will be back in every school in Cherokee County, starting in September,” Clemons said. “Extended Family for Kids is a 9-lesson curriculum for children who have any loved one incarcerated, or who used to be incarcerated. All kids have to do to join is tell their school counselor they want in. We also get a guardian permission form.”

Extended Family thanks First United Methodist Church for including them in this community-wide event.

“We work with the students after school counselors have formed EFK groups, so we don’t usually get to meet the parents. FUMC’s Back-To-School Bash gave us a great opportunity to do that,” said Cyndi Johnson, Extended Family Assistant. “It was exciting to hear from the grown-ups how much EFK meant to them and to their kids.”

If you know a child who needs Extended Family for Kids, contact their school counselor to get them enrolled in this free program. EFK Groups for the 2017-18 year begin in Cherokee County, AL schools on Sept. 26.