We Don't Have to Do Their Time!

February 22, 2017

Extended Family for Kids includes 9 lessons for students dealing with a loved one's incarceration. One of the most powerful is "We Don't Have to Do Their Time."

Students in an EFK Group discuss how adults and kids can feel like they are "doing time" when their loved one is locked up.

Some grownup examples of "doing their time" would be spending too much money on inmate phone calls and not having enough left for groceries, isolating, or worse.

"In our EFK group today we brainstormed all the ways kids felt like they were doing time for the loved ones," said Laure Clemons, Extended Family Executive Director, author of Extended Family for Kids.

"Students made a list of actions they would take if they were 'doing their time.' Then we brainstormed ways to NOT do their time!" Clemons said.

Click here to see the list created by one EFK high school group, Feb. 2017.

"Our EFK students continue to amaze me," Clemons said. "They quickly identified negative behaviours that crop up when a loved one is incarcerated. Just as quickly they came up with 25 ways to NOT do their time - positive actions they could take."

We Don't Have to Do Their Time is a lesson all EFK Groups in Cherokee County, Alabama schools will learn. 

"There are other EFK groups around the country," Clemons said. "We are excited to see children of the incarcerated getting tools they need through Extended Family for Kids."