Training to become an Extended Family for Kids (EFK) Program Leader is fast and simple.  It only takes one day to become fully trained to lead EFK groups in your community!  Training provides participants with the EFK Curriculum Guide, which includes a complete set of handouts and step-by-step instructions on how to lead the Lessons.  New EFK Program Leaders leave the training feeling prepared, excited, and inspired!

Counselors and staff were welcomed to our recent training by Etowah County Superintendent Dr. Alan Cosby, a positive beginning to a wonderful day.  Participants recognized the value of EFK for the children with whom they work.  Comments from the day, particularly from the evaluation form question, “What was one thing that stood out for you in this workshop?” mentioned details from the training such as, “I like how the curriculum provides open communication for students with incarcerated parents,” and that “Some of the lessons are applicable across to other groups.”  Others noticed EFK’s ability to positively impact Our Kids and wrote about what stood out for them, “The loving encouragement that this program brings to children that lack encouragement in their lives,” “Changing the lives of kids and letting them know they are not alone,” and “So much support and love for these kids!”

Participants appreciated that they were fully prepared to start immediately and that EFK was ready to implement with the Curriculum guide and ordinary school supplies.  Another benefit of training is the brainstorming session on how to identify kids to participate in EFK groups.  EFK Program Leaders are fully equipped to assemble their groups and begin their programs after training and begin making a difference in the lives of children right away!

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Together, we are changing lives, one child at a time!

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