Daphne Rogers joined Extended Family as a Program Leader in February 2023.  Daphne is a 1991 graduate of Jacksonville State University with a BA in Communication and has used that education to teach a variety of subjects to people of all ages, from childbirth education to foster parent training for adults, and from science-based museum tours to Bible school classes for children.

In 2006, Daphne and her husband John, along with their four children, became foster parents for Cherokee County Department of Human Resources.  Over the next several years, they fostered more than 45 children and adopted two sibling groups of three each, for a grand total of 10 children, most of whom are grown now, and some are now parents to John and Daphne’s grandchildren!  Daphne has continued to work within the social services network to support children.  She speaks of her philosophy, “My goal is to help children recognize their talents, establish hopes and dreams for their future, and realize their full potential.”  Daphne recognized from the first moment she was introduced to Extended Family how well this program harmonized with her desire to help children to be successful and she is proud to have this opportunity to be a part of such an important effort in our community.

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