On June 21, Extended Family led Extended Family for Kids (EFK) Program Leader Training for
Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) employees and community resources working
alongside ADOC. Laure Clemons, Founder and Executive Director of Extended Family,
conducted the training, teaching participants to lead the nine-lesson EFK curriculum for
children who have a loved one who is incarcerated. Once individuals receive the EFK Leader
Training, they are fully equipped to start EFK Programs within their community.

As corrections departments across the country look for ways to reduce recidivism, it is apparent
that continuing family relationships is key to helping inmates and returning citizens be
successful. The ADOC Women’s Services has been seeking programs that enhance the
relationship between female inmates and their children, as part of a success building strategy.

Director of Women’s Services Dr. Elizabeth Mautz said, “This is exactly the kind of program that
we need to keep the bond strong between incarcerated mothers and their children. The ADOC
is proud to partner with Extended Family. Their dedication to keeping families intact matches
our own goals for Women’s Services.”

Through Extended Family for Kids Leader Training, ADOC Staff were introduced to the
successful EFK Program, which has been led in every school in Cherokee County since 2014. EFK
Programs are also led in juvenile diversion facilities across four counties, and select schools in
Calhoun and Etowah counties.

After leading EFK Leader Trainings across the State for hundreds of school counselors, social
workers, law enforcement, and community resource providers, Extended Family’s Laure
Clemons was excited to partner with ADOC and bring Training to corrections staff.

Clemons explains the significance of this cooperation, “We were honored to lead an Extended
Family for Kids Leader Training for Alabama Department of Corrections personnel. Their
administrators are working diligently to find ways to enhance relationships between
incarcerated mothers and their children. We know the EFK Program Lessons are a perfect fit,
because they can be used with adults or children. When ADOC is able to utilize EFK Lessons
within their programming, these mothers and children will understand each other better, and
be able to develop more meaningful relationships – even though the mother is incarcerated.”

Since 2003, Extended Family has been teaching families of prisoners and returning citizens to
successfully adjust to a new way of life. Extended Family provides educational programming,
conducts and shares research, and reports on best practices for living a healthy lifestyle
throughout the prison and re-entry experience for all of the members of the family involved.

Learn more about Extended Family, Extended Family for Kids, and EFK Leader Training on
Facebook or on our website at www.extendedfamilyhelp.org.

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