EFK Leader Training provides hands-on instruction

October 5, 2020

On September 30, 2020, professionals from Etowah, St. Clair, and Cherokee Counties attended an Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshop in Gadsden, AL. By the end of the day Trainees had received all they needed to start Extended Family for Kids programs in their schools and communities. 

“The bulk of funding for this Training was supplied by our 2020 ADECA Grant,” said Laure Clemons, Executive Director, Extended Family. “We then partnered with SPAN of Etowah County, our Training Host, to bring the Extended Family for Kids Leader Training to Gadsden. We were excited to have such a wide range of people who work with at risk students at this Training.”  

Educational and counseling professionals attended the EFK Leader Training from:
•    SPAN of Etowah County
•    Attalla City Schools
•    Etowah Middle School
•    Gadsden Head Start
•    Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
•    St. Clair County Juvenile Probation Office

During the Training, Clemons led Trainees through all nine lessons of Extended Family for Kids, while practicing Safe Training Guidelines. Safety protocols used included limiting the number who could attend Training, booking  a room twice the size needed to provide for physical distancing, and safe food service provided throughout the day.

"Every Trainee receives the EFK Curriculum Guide, and gets to try out the same Lesson activies they will use with their students," Clemons said. "For example, in Picture This, we all draw a picture of how we picture ourselves in 10 years, then talk about the steps we will take to get there."

Other Lessons include 14 Stress Busters, Who's to Blame (also known as the "coffee spill" Lesson), We Don't Have to Do Their Time, and much more.

Trainees wrote what stood out for them in the EFK Training.

  • These 9 lessons would apply to any child or adult!
  • Wonderful tools to help children going through this time be successful.
  • The curriculum covered all ages of children
  • Fantastic training, highly recommend
  • This training will allow me to utilize the skills learned to help current and past, present families.
To learn more about Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshops, contact Laure Clemons at 256-927-3038, laure@extendedfamilyhelp.org