EFK Training at JSU spreads Program far and wide

July 26, 2021

On July 16, 2021, we trained 18 caring individuals how to start and lead Extended Family for Kids in their communities. Jacksonville State University hosted this Training, assisted by Dr. Maureen Newton, Dean, School of Human Services & Social Sciences, and Extended Family Board member.

“Funding for this Training was supplied by a 2020-21 ADECA Juvenile Justice Grant,” said Laure Clemons, Executive Director, Extended Family. “We had folks from a wide range of backgrounds. This is exciting, because they can spread the EFK Program into so many different areas."

Trainees included representatives from:

  • JSU Social Work Department
  • Success Academy
  • Evelyn Moon Crisis Shelter
  • United Way of East Central Alabama
  • The Circle of Care Center for Families
  • Talladega County DHR
  • The Right Place for Housing and Support
  • Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office Bessemer Division
  • Community First
  • Anniston Fatherhood Initiative
  • Mountain Crest Counseling
  • A private practice social worker
  • A Masters of Social Work student

Trainees wrote what stood out for them in the EFK Training.
  • The Love and sincere compassion for this awesome program. I really enjoyed this program. I know that I will use this information as a tool for our program. I would like to say thank you. And please don't stop improving lives.
  • Session 2: How important it is to tell children with families in prison that it is not their fault that their parent is in prison.
  • The Emotional Continuum. I believe it can help all of us. I love this program! I believe kids need to know it is not their fault! Laure, you are a wonderful speaker!
  • Transparency - realness - direction - great instruction - love the whole meaning behind it. So interesting and so needed for my community, taking back to Director/Community.
  • #8: Picture this - It is so powerful to use the kids pictures to speak life into them. This was such a great day of empowerment.
  • It is not your fault. Keep doing what you are doing.
  • Emotional Continuum - Really everything! Great training!!! I look forward to working with you.
  • The instructions and handouts were clear and empowering. I will be on vacation in August. My plan is to pray and to brainstorm what & how I am "called" to use this training & materials. Thank you!
  • Emotional Continuum. Thank you - This was amazing!
  • How wonderful all of the curriculum/activities would be for the grandchildren in our 10 county area that are being raised by their grandparents due to their parents being incarcerated. Thank You for having a Server's Heart and sharing your story with others - there's a great reward awaiting you that only God knows what it is!
  • Great program. Awesome energy. I'm looking forward to implementing EFK in Calhoun County Schools.
  • Energy and caring from presenters and colleagues. Plan to contact appropriate persons (to satrt EFK). Thank you for this incredible opportunity!
  • Who's to Blame, Picture this,, and activities to help the kids understand the lessons. This was very informative training - Fun, & the presenter kept my interest!
  • The idea that children should not have to do "the time" and concept of the courtesy stigma and identity in contrast. Thanks! I admire your passion for the program.
  • Everything shown was simple, but it's obvious that it works. As a social work student who is always wondering how to serve my future clients the best, I know this program will be a great way to do it!
  • Courtesy Stigma & Emotional Continuum stood out the most! Very educational. I absolutely enjoyed every moment at this training. Thank you both for sharing your story.

During the Training, Clemons led Trainees through all nine lessons of Extended Family for Kids, while practicing Safe Training Guidelines. Safety protocols used included limiting the number who could attend Training, providing space for physical distancing, and safe food service provided throughout the day.

"Every Trainee receives the EFK Curriculum Guide, and gets to try out the same Lesson activities they will use with their students," Clemons said. "For example, in Picture This, we all draw a picture of how we picture ourselves in 10 years, then talk about the steps we will take to get there."

Other Lessons include 14 Stress Busters, Who's to Blame (also known as the "coffee spill" Lesson), We Don't Have to Do Their Time, and much more.

To learn more about Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshops, contact Laure Clemons at 256-927-3038, laure@extendedfamilyhelp.org