Extended Family has a new Assistant Director!

July 7, 2022

Extended Family has a new Assistant Director! Our EFK Program Leader Calhoun County, Jennifer Mackey, has taken on a new role – Assistant Director/Program Leader. We have dreamed of having an Assistant Director for years, and Jennifer is just the right one.

Jennifer joined our team in Jan. 2022 to lead EFK Groups at Success Academy and Saks Elementary School in Anniston, AL. Since then Jennifer has fallen in love with Our Kids. She is passionate about the work, and is a great fit within our current team.

Jennifer’s background as a town clerk and day care owner has given her a world of experience in administrative duties, while keeping her grounded in service. She loves meeting people and sharing the Extended Family message of hope. In her Assistant Director/Program Leader Role, Jennifer will work 20 hours a week on behind the scenes work, while still leading Program Groups with students. With her help, we will enlarge Extended Leadership Academy Groups in Cherokee County, and expand EFK Groups in Calhoun County.

She and her husband, Mark, are parents to grown children and a 3-year-old adopted daughter. They have been Cherokee County foster parents for many years. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW ROLE, JENNIFER!