New EFK Safe Training Guidelines for 2020

September 15, 2020

Extended Family for Kids Leader Trainings provide all that is needed to start and lead the EFK Program. 

Our new EFK Safe Training Guidelines will be followed to ensure EFK Leader
Trainings are comfortable and safe for Trainees. Our goal is to lead EFK Trainings in such a way that fewer items are touched by fewer people, with more space provided for comfortable distancing.

  • EFK Leader Trainings will be limited to 30 Trainees or less.
  • Trainees will be signed in by the EFK Training Assistant, minimizing the use of a pen on Training Sign-in Sheets.
  • We will take photos of Trainees with their EFK Curriculum Guide at Registration, if further proof of attendance is needed, since Trainees are not signing Registration Sheet. Trainees also receive a personalized EFK Certificate at the close of Training, which they can use as proof of Training.
  • EFK Trainees given Training supplies in individual sealed packets. These will include a pen, markers, name tag, sanitizing wipes and/or sanitizing bottle (when available), EFK Leader T-shirt, and any other supplies needed for the Training. These supplies will be the property of the Trainee.  
  • EFK Trainees will take their EFK Curriculum Guides from sealed boxes, minimizing the number of hands touching the individual EFK Curriculum Guides.
  • All Training handouts will be included in the EFK Trainee Folder given to them at Registration, rather than handing out pages throughout the Training.
  • Food served in Training will be self-contained and individually wrapped. These could include bananas, breakfast bars, individually wrapped cookies and snacks, boxed lunches, etc.
  • Extended Family will book a Training Room that is double the size needed whenever possible, in order to give Trainees greater physical distancing choices.
  • EFK Trainer leads EFK Training from the front of the room, maintaining a comfortable physical distance from Trainees.
Benefits of EFK Leader Training in today’s world
  • Trainees receive instruction in the Extended Family for Kids Curriculum, 9 Lessons for children of the incarcerated. EFK is a unique, evidence-based program. It is simple to implement, using only the EFK Curriculum Guide (included in Training) and a few school supplies. There are no licensing fees required post-training. Trainees leave the Training with everything they need to start and lead EFK Programs. This Training is needed in every school and every community. EFK Lessons give students what they need to cope with family incarceration and end generational incarceration.
  • EFK Leader Training comes to you. Our EFK Trainer and Training Assistant travel to your area, conducting the one-day Training in a facility of your choosing. Trainees do not have to go out of county to the Training, saving time, resources, and limiting travel.
  • Extended Family is responding to the needs of today with modifications to EFK Training, making the day comfortable and safe for Trainees.
  • EFK Leader Trainings have resulted in a 98% overall approval rating from Trainees. Post-Training Surveys showed 89% of 2019 Trainees have either already started an EFK Program or plan to start EFK in the next school year.