“This training is more than a curriculum - It will change lives!”

April 10, 2021

On March 11, 2021, we trained 11 school personnel within the Pell City School System, and 4 from St. Clair County Schools, how to lead Extended Family for Kids. These Trainees are now ready to start EFK in their schools and communities.

“Funding for this Training was supplied by our 2020 Stringfellow Health Fund Grant, with additional support from our 2020-21 ADECA Juvenile Justice Grant,” said Laure Clemons, Executive Director, Extended Family. “We were excited to have school counselors, a teacher, career coach, speech
language pathologist, and the Pell City Schools Assistant Superintendent in this Training.”

During the Training, Clemons led Trainees through all nine lessons of Extended Family for Kids, while practicing Safe Training Guidelines. Safety protocols used included limiting the number who could attend Training, providing space for physical distancing, and safe food service provided throughout the day.

"Every Trainee receives the EFK Curriculum Guide, and gets to try out the same Lesson activities they will use with their students," Clemons said. "For example, in Picture This, we all draw a picture of how we picture ourselves in 10 years, then talk about the steps we will take to get there."

Other Lessons include 14 Stress Busters, Who's to Blame (also known as the "coffee spill" Lesson), We Don't Have to Do Their Time, and much more.

Trainees wrote what stood out for them in the EFK Training.

  • This the most valuable training I have attended in a long time! Great material & simple to facilitate. This was so much fun - just what we needed to "RESET"! Thank you for ALL you do for children & families!
  • I love that it is real life application ready to go materials - Wouldn't change a thing. WONDERFUL!! THANK YOU!!
  • The simplicity of the program. These are very impactful ideas that can be transferred to students easily. I love how planned out and specific everything is! Great stuff!!
  • Laure's energy and positivity was wonderful! I enjoyed the "Emotional Continuum"!
  • Wonderful training! Very insightful!
  • These lessons, I can use in various settings/sessions throughout my school. Thank you.
  • Student evidence; Visual aides, interesting stories, interactive training. Great Presentation! Thank you, Positive Energy!
  • I like hearing stories of how the program has helped students.
  • Upbeat - Needed to help our students. Thank you for what you do! You are making a huge difference in the lives of counselors and all of those you train.
  • This training is more than a curriculum - It will change lives! I cannot wait to begin this program!
  • The personal testimony and the trainer is what stood out most to me. This training truly shocked me! I didn't expect to enjoy and learn so much today. This training is realistic and truly easy to connect with. Laure touched my heart and truly re-light my fire as a counselor to help my students. Thank you so much!
  • Strategies for relaying the "message" of each lesson. Thank you so much for sharing your curriculum & expertise with us. It was an amazing day. We are anxious to use this new knowledge!
  • The passion your group [has] for this program & for the kids - It isn't my fault! I pray that God will continue to lead you to the schools that need you the most. You are awesome and I am thoughtful to have met you and learned from you!
  • The positivity. Absolutely love the resources provided for the curriculum.
  To learn more about Extended Family for Kids Leader Training Workshops, contact Laure Clemons at 256-927-3038, laure@extendedfamilyhelp.org