Offering help, Inspiring hope. 

Too many children are living with the mental, physical, and emotional struggles that come with having a family member who is incarcerated.  We are committed to helping these children cope with the stress, anger, and other emotions that come with family incarceration.  Extended Family programs provide tools to help children manage the mental and emotional challenges and resource information to address the physical hardships, especially when the incarcerated family member is a parent.

Our Purpose

To teach children of the incarcerated how to successfully adjust to a new way of life.

Extended Family is dedicated to teaching children to make healthy lifestyle choices, so they can improve their quality of life emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Our programs are designed to build self-esteem, ease feelings of shame, ease isolation, decrease stress, address anger issues, and strengthen communication skills.  We are working to provide immediate support for these children in the present, and to break the cycle of incarceration in these children’s lives in the future.