What is the Going Home Workshop?

Going Home is a two hour, interactive Workshop to help re-entering inmates and their families adjust to life on the outside. The focus is on the family dynamics that occur when an incarcerated individual returns home, bringing with him or her a way of life that worked for them on the “inside”, but is foreign to family on the “outside.” 

What is taught in a Going Home Workshop?

Six specific problem areas are identified faced by returning citizens and those they live with. Practical solutions are taught for each problem. Workshop participants are equipped with new tools to use during that first year of re-entry and beyond. 

Is there a typical audience for the Going Home Workshop?

Although written for returning inmates, the Going Home Workshop has also been presented to family members of prisoners, corrections professionals, prison ministry leaders, law enforcement, and community leaders. Workshops have been led at Alabama Department of Corrections facilities, national and state conferences, and community-based family assistance groups. 

How can I describe the Going Home Workshop to others?

Use the following description to promote a Going Home Workshop in your area.

Going Home

You know there will be adjustments when your loved one comes home from prison. But just what does that mean? Jerry and Laure Clemons have lived through that adjustment, and in this Workshop they will share with you exactly what they learned when Jerry came home after 6 years of incarceration. Six key areas of adjustment and tools for dealing with each will be shared, as well as an easy-to-learn communication secret that might just keep your family together!

Who created the Going Home Workshop?

Going Home was created by Jerry and Laure Clemons, based on what they learned after going through Jerry’s return home after six years of incarceration.

Laure E. Clemons is the Founder and Executive Director of Extended Family, a support system for families of prisoners. She has been a guest on radio and television programs, gone into prisons to speak to inmates, and been a featured speaker at state and national conferences. Laure is also a co-founder of the Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference. To learn more about Laure Clemons, visit our Bio Page

Jerry Clemons spent six years in an Alabama state penitentiary, returning home January 2009. Since his release Jerry started a  successful small business, returned to college, worked in the field of fine art, and volunteers for Extended Family. In 2010 Jerry assisted his wife in the creation of the Going Home Workshop, built on what it was like for him to return home and readjust to the world outside. To learn more about Jerry Clemons, visit our Bio Page.

How do I book a Going Home Workshop?

To schedule a Going Home Workshop, contact Laure Clemons at 256-927-7997,


Churches, conferences and other organizations may contact Extended Family to discuss their particular needs and cost arrangements to fit their budget.

What inmates say about the Going Home Workshop!

“I learned how to express my anger without having to act out. That would get me in trouble. Thank you.”

“What stood out to me was how small things can have an impact on relationships and people you care for.”

“What stood out for me was that there is hope and anyone can change.”

Going Home Workshop
Locations to date

Alabama Dept. of Corrections Facilities
  • Alexander City Work Release
  • Bibb County Correctional Facility
  • Childersburg Work Release
  • Donaldson Correctional Facility
  • Easterling Correctional Facility
  • Fountain Correctional Facility
  • Holman Correctional Facility
  • Staton Correctional Facility
  • St. Clair Correctional Facility
Government & Community Events
  • Going Home Workshop for Professionals, Fort Payne, AL
  • Alabama Department of Corrections Headquarters, Montgomery, AL
  • COPE Conference, Indianapolis, IN
  • COPE Conference, Greesboro, NC
  • National Prisoners Family Conference, Albuquerque, NM
  • Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference, Birmingham, AL
  • Jacksonville State University Social Work Department
  • Nectar Baptist Church, Cleveland, AL
  • Fairhope Christian Church, Fairhope, AL

Going Home Workshop Statistics

2018-2019 Stats coming soon 

Presented to 321
93% Survey “Very Helpful”

Presented to 296
96% Survey “Very Helpful”

Presented to 364
94% Survey “Very Helpful”

Presented to 255
96% Survey “Very Helpful”

Presented to 224
95% Survey “Very Helpful”

Presented to 151
95% Survey “Very Helpful”

Presented to 45
98% Survey “Very Helpful”