Meet Cary Weaver! Cary Weaver joined the Extended Family staff in 2023 as a Program Leader for both Extended Leadership Academy (ELA) and Extended Family for Kids (EFK). Cary will be leading ELA Program Groups in Cherokee County, and filling in as a back-up leader for EFK Program Groups in Cherokee, DeKalb, and Etowah Counties. Cary has already had an impact on students during his two years as an EFK Volunteer.

He has a unique outlook on life, and is able to carry a powerful message of resilience to our students. As Cary puts it, “I am blessed to have the opportunity to join the Extended Family team. After my life changed in 2008 from one of the worst decisions I have ever made, I had to learn to live my life a little different from everyone else – being in a wheelchair. My life is hard every day, but with perseverance and the mindset of never giving up, I live a happy life. I’m blessed to be married and most of all I’m blessed to have a smart 10-year-old little boy. I hope my leadership helps change lives one day at a time.” Cary and his family live in Sand Rock, Ala.

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