Tiffany Sayles

Board Member

Extended Family

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 26
Centre, AL 35960
Phone: 256-927-3038

Tiffany Sayles resides in Gadsden Alabama with husband Willie and their three daughters Willow, Willany, and Willay. Mrs.Sayles is a veteran school counselor and currently serves as the Psychology Program Director and Instructor at Talladega College. She has fortunately served students of all ages over the past 20 plus years. As a child, she learned to navigate her father’s continual incarceration. When introduced to the Extended Family program as a school counselor, she was excited to train and lead small groups in her school. She also shared “Tiffany’s Story” as a source of inspiration and hope to students in similar situations. Her passion is to continue building, supporting, and learning in efforts to assist students, parents. and families. Holistic support is essential for establishing healthy foundations and fueling hopeful futures.